Meet Juniper, The Flower Truck

We are Central Ohio's only boutique flower truck!  With over 15 years in the floral industry, we are shaking things up a bit. As a mobile florist, we are bringing the flower shop experience directly to you in a fresh, new way. We partner with local businesses, retail shops, restaurants and corporate headquarters, offering a unique selection of floral designs and botanical keepsakes. Juniper also loves to attend music festivals, artisan markets and private events. We can't wait to "set up shop" in a neighborhood near you!

Our Flowers

For a majority of the year, we design our bouquets and flower arrangements from  flowers grown on our own flower farm located in Galena, Ohio. In addition, we have a network of flower-farmer friends in Ohio and throughout the country that we love to support as well. We often source outside our farm when our friends have something wonderful we just must share with the world. In the off-season we are focused on choosing floral products mainly grown in the USA. Occasionally we source products grown abroad,  as a last resort.

Side note: Juniper is a fully-restored 1974 Chevy Stepvan P20. She used to sell ice cream, but has told me several times how much she enjoys her new career path. See the transformation here!

Upcoming Events